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Let us Host A webstore for your School, business or event and take the hassle out of making sure everyone gets what they want

Send us an Email to get started and let us know what we can do for you

Spirit Wear Made Easy

We take the hassle out of managing spirit wear sales from start to finish

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Webstore Setup starting at $65 for the 1st month

  • $65 fee to set up and open a webstore for 1 month -

  • $35 every additional month the stores open.  

(stores can be open for as long as needed)

  • No limit to the # of items in store or styles of apparel -

           no promo items in webstores (ex. stickers, magnets, water bottles, etc.)

  • stores can have up to 2 different logos for the Apparel

  (ex. full size logo and small size logo print or 2 full size prints ) adding more than 3 different logo options to a store's apparel raises the setup fee.

  • We offer basic spirit wear stores and fundraiser stores -

fundraiser stores have a return % for the school or PTA but apparel has a higher price compared to non fundraiser stores - (5%-10% options of return) 

  • all orders are bagged and tagged individually for easy distribution. 

  • All bagged orders can be delivered in bulk for self distribution for FREE or the webstore can be set up with home delivery instead with a delivery fee.

  • all orders are printed and bagged at the close of the webstore date chosen - turnaround time is 10 business days from the last day of the store being open.

  • Includes Webstore page setup

  • Store maintenance

  • Clear bag and Tag with Bulk Delivery

sample webstore

Tons of Products

We carry 1000's of different apparel choices and brands

Long & Short Term Webstores Available

Have your store open for 2 weeks or for a few months.

Top Tier Printing

At Fresh Prints, we pride ourselves on delivering top quality printing for every order

Fast Turnaround Times

Orders Delivered 8 business days after store close date

Stores for Any Event

Spirit Wear - Faculty Shirts - Volunteer Gear - Parties - Parades - No worries

We Got You Covered

Get started Today

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